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ZBE Announces New Printer: Chromira 5x SE Lab
June 29, 2011

Carpinteria, USA – ZBE Inc. announces that it has a new printer: the Chromira 5x SE Lab. “This is a printer that the photo industry has been demanding from us for a long time, especially in the international markets,” said Mark Hudson, ZBE’s Director of International Sales and Distribution. “We think that a lot of labs will find that the SE Lab will be a great fit for them, especially in countries whose productivity and workflow function differently than in the US. It has the same flawless quality of all the Chromira printers, is highly productive, energy efficient, and competitively priced. It doesn’t come with the ProLab’s cutter/sorter system, but it’s totally upgradeable, so labs can have the fully automated XY cutting and sorting of the Chromira 5x ProLab as a cost effective retro-fit package at any time.”

The Chromira SE Lab features a fully-integrated, professional 30” digital printer/processor lab system that will produce package orders of small prints, larger prints, and murals with perfectly color-matched, high-quality results. It will reduce energy and operational requirements, as well as provide labs with a competitive advantage. Many labs have requested the ProLab without the cutter/sorter system and the SE Lab is ZBE’s answer to that. The SE Lab is fully upgradeable to the ProLab at any time.

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