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Photo Printer 6800
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6800 image
The Kodak Photo Printer 6800 is a model of computer printer manufactured by Eastman Kodak whose purpose can be inferred to be for printing 6-inch-by-8-inch photographs. According to Kodak`s news release (as cited in the "References" section), the 6800 takes advantage of "thermal" printing technology.
Equipment Specifications

  • Height: 346.0 mm (13.6 in.)
  • Width: 290.0 mm (11.4 in.)
  • Depth: 498.0 mm (19.6 in.)
  • Weight: 25.0 kg (56.0 lb)
g4 xe image

Site Specifications
6800 image
Space Requirements
  • Right side: 7.62 cm (3.00 in.)
  • Left side: 7.62 cm (3.00 in.)
  • Front: 7.62 cm (3.00 in.)
  • Back: 7.62 cm (3.00 in.)
Power Requirements

The PRINTER has an auto-detecting power supply.

  • Voltage: 90-264V AC
  • Power Consumption: 5.0 - 2.5 A
  • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Environment Requirements
Space Requirements
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 15 - 35° C (59 - 95° F)
  • Relative Humidity: 20 - 80% non-condensing
  • Sound Level (idle): 54 dB or lower
  • Sound Level (printing): 70 dB or lower
  • Ambient Light: 1500 lx in all directions
Requirements for Storing the Consumables


  • 30°C(86°F)orlower
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • 60% relative humidity or lower

Consumables - Paper and Ribbon

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Craig -
August 27, 2019
Technical Support: Fuji
Prints are jamming between final cross over and first set of dryer rollers. I can print about 10, and then it jams and stops printing. I have replaced the dryer unit, sorter unit, drive gears on the side of the dryer unit, and the cloth mat in the sorter. Yet it is still occurring. Really would love some advice
Irida -
July 25, 2019
Technical Support: Durst, Chromira, Oce, Kodak, HP, Epson
I get en error 53 when starting the epsilon 30 durst. What could the problem be?
Hyzri -
July 13, 2019
Technical Support: Fuji
error 9009
can not find the default.ini. Close application and reinstall the program
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